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Oriental mystery!

Uzbekistan is a country with a huge variety of natural conditions. There are many stormy rivers here, the waterless desert Kyzyl-Kum, the drying sea-lake Aral; there are flat, like a table, plains and high mountains wildly piled up to the sky. There are forests and almost naked solonchaks. Uzbekistan railway holidays can give an idea of ​​almost all natural areas existing in Central Asia. The mountains belong to the Tien-Shan and Pamir-Alai systems. Most of the republic's rivers have snow-rain food and therefore are characterized by a very uneven regime: in the spring they swell, carrying large masses of water, and during the rest of the year they remain shallow.

Chimgan Uzbekistan

The cradle of the region's culture for more than two millennia, Uzbekistan is a proud home for fascinating architecture and ancient cities. All is deeply imbued with the fascinating history of the Silk Road. As for attractions, Uzbekistan is the largest in Central Asia and the most impressive exhibition center.


We bring to your attention a selection of the best places to visit in Uzbekistan.

In the East, life revolves around the bazaars. The huge Chorsu bazaar in Tashkent has been flourishing since the Middle Ages. Spend at least three hours for it. Start with the central pavilion, covered by a blue dome. Walk along the variegated mountains of spices and stock up almonds, roast in the shell, Uzbek halva and dried apricots. Admire the sparkling light of the crystallized sugar “navat”. Learn to distinguish the rice of the devzira from other varieties - it is the most correct for pilaf.

Chorsu bazaar in Tashkent

Among the hot cakes and persimmon mountains, do not miss the kurt - salted dried cottage cheese, which goes well instead of chips.

The Kyzylkum desert is only slightly less than the famous Karakum desert. Despite the impressive size of Kyzylkum, the trip there is not an expedition and not an exit into open space. It is comfortable to go on the roads, especially if you do not forget at home a smart phone with a navigator and pre-downloaded maps. If an independent route does not attract, you can always join the tour.

Start acquaintance with Kyzylkum from the spectacular ancient fortress Ayaz-Kala, which is 100 km. from Khiva. Stay for a day or two on Lake Aydarkul, catch fish, go deep into the sandy coasts on camels, jeeps or quad bikes, and then spend a romantic evening in a yurt camp in the middle of the sand.

Kyzylkum desert

The best time for traveling around the Kyzylkum is from the end of April to the middle of May, when in the desert tulips and poppies bloom.

It is worth visiting the place where the Great Silk Road was born.

Fertile terrain among the mountain ranges has long attracted travelers. Today, it is said about the Fergana Valley that there is preserved a real, atmospheric Uzbekistan. Whatever city you visit – every one is ancient. But there are also raisins. The palace of Khudoyar Khan in Kokand seems to have materialized from the tales. It is worth to go to Rishtan for glazed pottery. In Margilan, go to the silk factory "Yodgorlik", where the whole way from the silkworm pupa to the colorful scarf is shown.

If you are intrigued by these sights, then you definitely should visit Uzbekistan.

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